Nokia 5110/3310 LCD with PCD8544 controller driver.
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Prototyping a driver for Nokia 5110/3310 LCD with PCD8544 LCD controller.

Hardware: STM32L432KC Nucleo-32 development board.


  • SPI1:
    • CS: D10/PA11
    • MOSI: D11/PB5, AF 5
    • MISO: D12/PB4, AF 5
    • SCK: A1/PA1, AF 5
  • DC: D2/PA12
  • RST: D4/PB7


I used ChibiOS 18.2.0. You can download it from SourceForge, or you can clone it from their Github and checkout the stable_18.2.x branch. I symlinked the downloaded folder to ChibiOS in the project root, but you can modify the CHIBIOS variable in the Makefile if you want.

Make sure you have arm-none-eabi-gcc to compile.


To load code onto the board and use GDB, I used openocd (there are Debian packages available). You could use the stlink tools from texane too.

Using OpenOCD, you can just use make download to flash the code and make openocd to start a GDB server. I have included a .gdbinit script to set up GDB appropriately.